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420 Holderness Road, Sandwich, NH 03227

(603) 677-6537

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New Hampshire Independent School of Music New Hampshire Independent School of Music

Lake Winni Music Camp 2019 Date

Camp Week:

August 11—17, 2019

Programs, Ensembles and Music Lessons

Programs at the best music school in central New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Independent School of Music offers various programs throughout the school year. Ensemble classes are offered in the Fall and Spring. Private lessons are available year-round.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered on drums, piano, guitar, violin/fiddle, woodwinds, and Jazz Piano (specifically). Beginner through advanced students. Lessons are $20 for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 minutes and $40 for 60 minutes.


Our goal is to help musicians of all ages connect with each other. We offer ensemble classes through the year. Adult Chamber groups, Youth Chamber groups, Jazz ensembles, and Fiddle/string groups. Ensemble programs change throughout the year and are announced on our website.

How do I register/sign up for ensembles or lessons?

Email Noelle or call (603) 284-6550 to find register for an ensemble group or arrange for a private lessons.

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